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stamped // text + picture post

Yesterday me, alicia, kim, christina & myurel went to the fair.
it SUCKED. there weren't that many good rides
wow i was so paranoid. i thought that something was gonna happen to me lol.
me & kim felt sick after the Fire Ball. especially me. its was only like 6 and i was about to call my mom to pick me up but i bought some siera mist and started walking and felt better.
then i went on the himalayas. Alicia got really sick after that one. that sucked real bad. i felt bad.
we went on the little chairs that go over the fair and alicia went alone and i felt HORRIBLE cuz she was with her head down the whole time.
so this guy Eric & Jayder wouldnt stop calling me. WOW annoying !!!!
like they dont speak english how gay... so christina got the phone and started telling him a whole bunch of shit in spanish pretending to be me. that was HILARIOUS !!!
so i met alicia brother :)   hottiee lol  ;)
then we went to the expo center and me and christina bought some shades and saw the cuteest tigers and lions. i also say my project for buisness up  there :)
i got 2nd place yeaaaah !
in the end my mom & brother picked us up. we were in a tight position there lol. so we just took them home and thats alll :)

me & alicia

Alicia, Kim, & me. in a fun house. WOW i fell in that one like 3 times LMAO. fun times.

Half on me, Aly, & Kims hand lol

Kim & me waiting for them to get off a ride.

Us again. on the chair thingys that go across the park.

Alicia & me when she felt better again ! :)

Kim, Aly, Me, Christina, Myurel

Myurel & me :)

Alicia the seal !! lol

A baby Lion !! SOOOO cuteee she was sleeping

Xtina & i

With my new shades. $7 !!!


Kimberly !!


Alicia & I


WTF ?! lol

Attempt 1

Attempt 2


Christina & i
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